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Reclaimed teak furniture for home improvement

Reclaimed teak furniture for home improvement

Choosing reclaimed teak furniture for your house is a perfect way to improve your home in many ways. Firstly, it shows that you have an excellent taste and knows how to spend your fortune well. The furniture is very wonderful old souls. It will enrich your interior and exterior with classic and elegant touch easily. The maintenance is also pretty simple and easy. A lot of home improvement store sells specific teak cleaner and you can just clean it every few months or so. 

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Secondly, it makes you take a part in keeping the environment by using sustainable material. The best teak timber can only be found deep in the forest, and cultivating them heavily can lead to destruction of habitat and extinction. To be specific, here are some ideas on how to use reclaimed teak furniture for home improvement.

●    Outdoor

The teak wood can handle extreme weather change, from hot blazing sun up to a stormy snowy day. That is how good the teak’s natural oils on preserving the timber. You can buy a lovely reclaimed teak dining set for your backyard or a cute little round tea table with few round stools for your patio while investing a family heirloom. The natural finish can go easily with any environment and give your house a hint of exotic tropical ambiance. The wood also looks good on the greens and makes a very comfortable and adorable garden decoration.

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●    Indoor

Having reclaimed teak furniture inside your house will dramatically improve your interior designs. Teak has tough and vintage looks that will make any room look prosperous and powerful. You can put a grandeur natural cut teak bark table and combine it with artistic upholstery to create luxurious ambiance in your living room. For more interesting touch, put a reclaimed teak wine rack to show off your vintage collection and get all the attention and awe from your guest. The reclaimed teak is also good for a lovely and elegant piece in a room, such as a coffee table reclaimed furniture or reading table reclaimed furniture and chair reclaimed teak furniture.

●    Antiques

Many reclaimed teak timbers can make a very gorgeous and precious antique. The old bark has such textures and shape that can be made into a very interesting tables and decorations. A small natural shape sitting table can fit snuggly in a corner and make a great place for more intimate conversation. You can also put a natural shape teak working table with a deep finish in your office to create more intimidating and powerful aura. The reclaimed teak is also a very good material for carvings and sculpture. For the money worth, imagine having an intricate wooden horse reclaimed teak furniture in a rich color shade and remarkable wood grain in your own home.

●    Business

A reclaimed teak is also a great option for upscale business and office decoration. You can use it as a centerpiece in hotels or office building’s lobby. A teak coffee set or dining set can make any restaurant and lounge looks elegant and exclusive. If you fancy a little miscellaneous, use reclaimed teak vase, antique fruit bowls or trays as an art deco to enrich your interior. There are a lot of shapes and options that can be made from reclaimed teak timber and each is very exceptional and different. For sure, using the reclaimed teak furniture will make any room has its own personality and story to tell.

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